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Camera Inspection & Location Services in New Jersey

A professional sewer camera inspection is an essential component of a proper sewer line assessment. Without an inspection, trying to repair or replace an existing line could be very costly and ineffective. Brute Contracting uses only the latest tools and technologies to detect and solve plumbing problems. Sewer Camera inspections help us identify problems quickly and efficiently, helping you save time and money. Sewer Camera inspections utilize specially designed waterproof plumbing cameras which allow technicians to conduct a visual inspection of sewer lines and underground pipes. Our cameras can even reach pipes that travel under cement and below your home’s foundation.  

A standard inspection generally consists of one of our trained technicians accessing your sewer line from inside your home. The inspection is performed by running the camera into your sewer line to conduct a 360° visual inspection from your house to the city line or “main”. Each camera is equipped with full color, HD screen so that we may provide necessary feedback to our clients in real time. If a problem is discovered, we then utilize our line locating equipment to pinpoint exactly where the problem is on your property along with the line depth at that location. If a repair of the sewer line is necessary, the location and depth of the problem are critical in order to properly execute the repair as well as to provide our clients with an accurate cost of services to be rendered. Lastly, we also provide our clients with a USB copy of the video footage at their request. Even if we find that there are no existing issues, our technician can discuss the status of your current sewer line condition. Upon inspecting every line, our goal is to walk our clients through exactly what is discovered and implement the most efficient and cost effective solution to solve your problem.

A proper sewer line inspection produces the following:

  • A real time video showing the size and type of underground pipe, current condition of the pipe, and any existing conditions causing a potential problem. 
  • The distance that the problem is from the access point.
  • The location of the problem on the property (When used in conjunction with our locating equipment)
  • The depth of the problem which is a critical component of pricing
  • The ability to record a copy of the video on a USB drive. 

Our professional sewer camera inspection is recommended in the following scenarios: 

  • Repeated sewer line backups or clogs
  • Extremely slow drainage
  • Gurgling sounds or foul smell coming from your washing machine, sink, shower, or toilets.
  • As part of a new home inspection to avoid any costly repairs.

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