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BRUTE Contracting Inc. is the leading expert of all subsurface sewer line repair and installation services in NJ. Our company performs the repair, replacement, and new installation services of residential and commercial sanitary sewer lines. We rely on our state-of-the-art camera and locating equipment to properly guide us in assessing existing sewer lines and providing our clients with the proper repair in a timely and efficient fashion.

All of Our Sewer Line Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, Yes. Very few towns service the homeowner’s sewer line laterals in the street.

This depends on what type of problem you are experiencing. For example, a break/collapse or “belly” in the pipe would almost always require an excavation. Obstructions such as tree roots, pipe scale build-up, or hardened sediment can normally be hydro jetted clean. A thorough camera inspection will ensure a proper diagnosis.

In the case of a water service line repair – This generally depends on what type of pipe material the service line is but excavation is normally required. In the case of a new water service line installation, we generally use a combination of excavation and implement a partial trenchless solution to mitigate substantial property damage and/or restoration costs.

Yes, due to the health concerns associated with lead material.

Yes. In some cases, Relining an existing sewer line is possible if the existing line can be thoroughly cleaned, is properly pitched, and can accept the new liner.